Negative people & haters who continue to follow my blog and everything I do…

Ya know something, I don’t know why my internet web presence attracts a lot of negative people. In other words: haters, trolls and cyberbullies. I’ve always had gotten a lot of them and still do. I just do my best to ignore them all these days. That’s all I gotta do, ya know?

This is not what I do this for. I don’t do what I do to attract negative people and get more attention. Not my goal. These people are just a bunch of bored losers with nothing better to do. Yeah I know I get made fun of easily but I don’t give a shit.

People are starting to reply to my blog with negative bullcrap. I think it’s pretty much because that Donald Trump is gonna win the presidency. It’s pissing them off. They’re fuming. So they take their anger out at me ’cause they know Trump is gonna win. I think that’s what it is.

Anyway, while it’s pretty sad that so many people who don’t like me continue to follow my stuff online, that’s okay with me. I don’t do this to make friends and don’t do this to please everyone. So I just write what I want and say to hell with everyone. There are certain people out there who think they can control how I think or what to say online. People’s been doing this to me for years. If they don’t like what I say or get all offended, they’ll point it out to me.

Well guess what, y’all? I don’t give a flying fuck! If you don’t like me or what I write, why do they continue to follow? It’s bullshit. People are messed up like that. I think they continue to follow me ’cause they don’t want to admit that they enjoy what I do and it’s killing them. They’ll never admit it. They want more from me and they’re addicted to my writing.

It does bother me that negative people and bullies continue to follow what I do but that’s okay. I’ve been accused of being a “negative” person all the time but the more these losers continue to do what they do the more it proves my point that the haters are the ones who are negative. They are the ones who are way more negative than me. I don’t have time for negativity ’cause I’m better than that.

When stupid liberals want to debate with me or call me out on stuff the only thing they got is to call me a racist or a bigot which I’m neither of those. Liberals call people those names ’cause that’s all they pretty much got in order to silence those with a different opinion and thought. It’s the only way they could win a debate so they resort to namecalling and swearing. That’s the way stupid libtards act these days. That’s the only thing they got is calling people racist or bigot or whatever. They are brainwashed by the liberal media or social networking groups who taught them to be that way.

I don’t care about negativity ’cause I’m all done with it. Mostly these trolls and negative people supported Bernie so I’m not worried about them anyways.



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