Entertaining as hell to see liberals lose their minds on Hillary being investigated by FBI again…

This is pretty exciting and thrilling news that Hillary is being investigated by FBI again. At first I had worries that this is just a plot to get your minds off the WIkileaks dumps or a plot for Obama to pardon Hillary when she loses the presidency. I had worries that nothing will come out of this but it’s looking like this investigation is serious this time and it may look like that Hillary will get locked up soon after all.



This happened because of Anthony Weiner’s sexting investigation or something like that I’m reading about?

Anyways, it is entertaining as hell to see liberals being devastated over this. If you think liberals being devastated over Hillary being investigated by FBI again is good, just wait until Donald Trump becomes the new president-elect in several days. I’m seeing this put liberal media in panic mode too. They all know HIllary is toast. Is Hillary about to drop out of the race pretty soon? Hopefully?

Hopefully Hillary does get locked up pretty soon ’cause that is what America really needs. That’s the American dream right there.



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