I want to work with a pianist and write original piano songs, I believe I can make good music like that…

I usually try not to give myself criticism when it comes to my own singing but I believe that me singing the National Anthem the piano version sounded pretty damn good. That was just a backing track that I found in youtube. I was trying to find an instrumental backing track that would fit my voice and finally found something that would work so I used that one on the celebration video of Trump’s victory. The youtuber that recorded the piano National Anthem gave everyone permission to use it if you please so I decided to use it to cover it for myself.

After that song, makes me want to work with a real pianist. Try to find someone who plays the grand piano or an upright or whatever. Not someone who plays piano on an electric keyboard, I want a real pianist. Someone to collaborate with and write original songs with. If I were to work with a pianist, this pianist must be good with music theory and have a good ear, that way I can give him/her song ideas of what I’m hearing in my head.

I enjoyed singing over the piano like that and wanna do more. I’ve always liked piano songs. Been a fan of Billy Joel, early Elton John and Fiona Apple is an inspiration too. I don’t play piano, wishing I did so I’m going to have to collaborate with one.

I think a project like this would be fun and I think I can make good songs like that. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll hit craigslist and try to find someone.


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