Usually liberals would have same opinions & views as the media & liberal social networking groups… really sad…

When you try to debate politics with a liberal, I usually try not to but sometimes I “must” when they say something stupid… they usually think the same way the media and social networking does. They would agree with everything the Washington Post, NY Times or what CNN says most of the time. Where do you think they get “racist, bigot or misogynist” from? That’s how the media teaches liberals how to respond to people. The media teaches them how to have short tempers and to be intolerant with conservatives. The media teaches liberals how to be offended at everything. When you debate with a liberal, you can immediately tell where they get their sources from ’cause with the way they respond to people, they sound just like the media. Spoken like a true liberal journalist.

Liberals believe Obama was a good leader ’cause the media says so. THey believe Trump is a bad guy ’cause the media says so. They believe Trump supporters are horrible people ’cause the media says so. I think you get my point now. They also get their info from social networking groups like “Occupy Democrats” and “Being Liberal”, both groups who feed ya one-sided information and sad that people actually believe everything they post.

A lot of people still believe that what the news media reports and what social networking says is how we view the world but we don’t. People want to deny liberal bias and believe what the media reports is real and credible source. Everything they say must be true. Most of us Americas don’t think so and that’s why we elected Donald Trump ’cause we’re all fed up with the media’s bullshit. We really showed liberals that we don’t buy into the media’s crap. Maybe that’s why they are all mad ’cause they can’t take the truth that there is liberal bias everywhere. We really defeated liberalism this time, pretty badly and it feels really good. A breath of fresh air.

There are too many liberals out there and it’s really sad, in my opinion. I never really believed in this “right” and “left’ thing. People accused me of being a hardcore “right-winger” but I’m not really. I like to think the American way. I like to speak for myself. I don’t speak for the media or for a certain political party. All my opinions and views are my own. I don’t follow the media at all. I don’t follow popular opinion. I like to think outside the box and think my own way. Those hardcore liberals really suck and there are way too many of them. NY State has always been a liberal state. Most of my entire family & friends are pretty liberal and I don’t like it to be honest with you but I learn to live with it.

One thing I hope Donald Trump does when he gets in office in Jan. is that he not only needs to take out the trash in Washington… he also needs to take out the trash in the media. Get rid of the liberal bias in news reporting and bring back honest journalism again. That’s what I’m hoping for. I think President Trump can do that easily. News networks like InfoWars, Breitbart News and the DrudgeReport are picking up a lot of popularity ’cause people want “real news”. Not the liberal garbage we see these days.

That’s what the media wants. They want to turn people into hardcore liberals but it isn’t gonna work with me. I’ll think how I want to think. If I want to think that gay marriage or abortion is wrong, I have freedom to think like that if I please. If I want to despise Islam, I can. If I want to believe in the 2nd amendment and if I want to love my country, I can think like that too. The media loves to shove their opinions down people’s throats as if they’re factual and they need to knock it off.

I’m about the truth and that’s all there is to it.


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