I agree with this tweet about liberals being shocked with election results… why are they shocked when they shouldn’t have been???

Gotta love RockPrincess who is one of my favorite twitter users. She’s so right though, you can also throw in garbage like the Washington Post and CNN who continued to act like Trump is gonna lose. Same thing with liberal social networking garbage like “Occupy Democrats” and “Being Liberal”. If you want another example of media brainwashing this is perfect.

For months and months I’ve tried warning people that Trump is gonna get the landslide victory but instead they didn’t listen. They all thought Hillary was gonna get the landslide win ’cause the media said so. Then they get all shocked and saddened after Trump victory. Really?

They should haven’t been shocked but they all are because the media made them to be that way. That’s how they manipulate and control people’s minds. How was the media successful at getting people to never knowing that Trump is gonna get the victory? Well, they never show the huge crowds at Trump’s rallies for starters. They make it look like he has small crowds so they only show the crowd sitting behind Trump. They also don’t want to be honest about the Trump popularity on social networking and out in the public streets where there would be Trump signs all over. Media refused to be realistic about Trump popularity. They lie about the polls, that’s another thing. That’s how they brainwash people.

It’s Hillary who isn’t popular but media tries to make her look popular but they failed. Nobody shows at her rallies and you don’t see much online support.

Now they’re all trying to make us believe that Hillary won by popular vote. Look idiots, Hillary lost fair and square. Get over yourselves. Again, why are you shocked when you shouldn’t have been? This is why you gotta stop following the media ’cause all they do is lie to you. They really thought Trump was gonna lose for sure, did they? Well, I tried warning liberals and independent voters who hate Trump were gonna get a nice surprise on election Tuesday and my prediction turned out exactly right.

The America people has spoken. We want Trump. I think you got the hint by now.


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