Yeah, I have the right to hate people who supports Hillary or voted for her against Trump…

Ya know something.

I hate those freakin’ facebook memes that goes around that says things like, “I will not hate Trump supporters. I will not hate Hillary supporters. I support the right for people to choose who they want for president”. They reshare those memes just so they can feel proud of themselves. I can’t remember how exactly those memes go but it goes something like that. I think you get where I’m coming from.

Trump supporters are looked at as “deplorables” when the real deplorables are Hillary supporters. These are people who are supporting a criminal, liar and racist. These are people who are supporting someone who have left 4 American military men to die at a US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Liberals claim to support military men. It’s my right to be disgusted at those who support a criminal and murderer. The media wants to make it look like that it’s disgusting for people to support Donald Trump but it’s Hillary that you shouldn’t be supporting at all.

Those who are upset and shocked at the election results are the ones who probably want Hillary as president and that disgusts me. Those unintelligent and delusional jackasses can go to hell. They should feel ashamed of themselves for wanting a corrupted person to become president. It’s my right to despise people who supports criminals. That’s what Hillary is. It’s a shame to see those libtards support Hillary even though they all know what she is a bad person and the most corrupted person to ever run the presidency. They should be mad at her ’cause she was the one who robbed the Democratic nomination from Bernie. They prefer Hillary over Trump ’cause they’re gullible people who believes everything Bernie says and believes everything the media says.

On top of that most Bernie supporters voted for Trump ’cause they felt that Hillary and the DNC shouldn’t get their support which was actually smart of them; however, though, there are still delusional Bernie supporters who preferred Hillary over Trump. If I don’t want to support Hillary supporters, it’s my right. I can’t support a candidate who had people dead under her watch and it’s a shame to see that liberals don’t care. They know what she is, they will never admit it.

I don’t have to worry about her now though ’cause it’s looking pretty likely that the Clintons are done. We finally finished them once and for all. Which is what America needed for decades ’cause I’m so tired of the Clintons. I’m so tired of the Obamas and Bush’s too. Now I’m hearing lots of talk that Chelsea Clinton may run for Congress and can’t stand that bitch either. You know she will get in ’cause she’s a Clinton.

I don’t care if you’re king or queen. Everybody needs to be held accountable for their actions. I don’t care who you are. That includes the Clintons. They aren’t above the law either.

It really does scare me how one-sided liberals really are. All a lot of them do is obsessively follow the party line most of the time. It’s really sickening. I hope Mr. Trump is successful on bringing conservatives and liberals together ’cause we can’t have this back and forth hate. It’s old and tiresome. I would get along with liberals as long as they get along with me but a lot of them piss me off. It’s their intolerance is the problem and political correctness too. I can’t support Hillary and can’t support those who support her. Can’t do it.

I would like a woman president someday but not that one. It’s got to be the right one, not because of what’s between her legs.



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