Is Facebook battling Trump supporters & anti-Hillary people? Is that why they’re getting censored lately???

This has been going on since Trump’s Victory in the General Election earlier this week. Trump supporters and anti-Hillary people getting sent to FB jail just because they spoke their minds and having a voice. I’ve also noticed that those die-hard liberals and Hillary supporters unfriending Trump supporters like mad. It’s like, wtf is going on here? So FB kicking off Trump supporters for a few days and setting up so that liberals can unfriend them. Really? This is pretty messed up. This has been happening to a lot of people on FB I’m noticing. It hasn’t happened to me yet but only time will tell, haha. I wouldn’t have cared if I got kicked off of FB for being a Trump supporter and anti-Hillary anyways ’cause FB fucking sucks. It always has. I’m only on there just to have a voice and to keep in touch with a friend who is out of country.

This is no surprise that this has been going on knowing how liberal Mark Suckingberg is.

Liberals are mad at Trump supporters and FB is allowing them to report them so FB can kick them off. If Hillary supporters said offensive and broke the rules of the TOS of FB, if we tried reported them… I’m sure FB would do nothing to Hillary supporters.

Liberals really are acting like crybabies ’cause Trump won. They’re acting like it’s the end of the world or something. Liberals telling people it’s gonna be okay and we need to move on from this so we can be strong and happy? Really? Unfucking-believable! Getting upset over an election. They acted this way when George W. got elected twice and that was back in the days when we had no social networking.

Looks idiots. We’re not always gonna have a liberal president. The world doesn’t revolve around you. The people should be picking the president, not the media and not garbage social networking groups like “Occupy Democrats”. We really showed everyone that the people should be picking the president and we won.



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