Still trying to improve my singing and guitar playing… take both to the next level…

I’m really proud of how far I’ve come with my singing. I feel I have gotten better vocally. I like what I hear in my voice so far but I still have lots of work to do. My goal in singing is to have a powerful head voice and I want to be able to sing real high too ’cause I can’t sing real “high” but I want to and am practicing as you can probably hear. I just love singing. It’s something I’ve always loved to do. I love feeling the buzzing in your head when you sing with head voice. Feels great. A lot of people used to compare my voice to Bob Dylan and Tom Petty but I hate those comparisons. I don’t want to sing like that. Sing like I’m talking, ya know that I mean? I want to sing with more head voice, use more range and more control. Sing a little higher. I also want to be able to learn how to scream which is what I’m working on as well. I want to be able to sing like David Bowie and Chris Cornell who are my favorites. They are my big inspirations right now and of course, Robert Plant too. James Hetfield is another hero of mine vocally. I want to be able to have a good voice for my originals, ya know? Getting there the best I can.

As for my guitar playing, I’m still trying to improve that too. Still trying to spice up my lead guitar playing chops which is going well. Trying to improve my speed ’cause I want to be able to shred, ya know, play fast. I want to be that type of player so I practice with a metronome and all that. Studying my timing and rhythm. Ear training is improving too.

You can probably get where I’m going with this right? I want to be able to make great rock n’ roll someday. Not necessarily metal even though I love that genre and listen to metal all the time. I want to make hard rock music. Make a hard rock album with big riffs and lots of solos. I want to get a band of my own together when I’m ready and I will hopefully in the future ’cause having my own band is a dream of mine. I would like to do what everyone else is doing. Playing in bands, playing gigs and rocking the clubs. I would like that too, admittedly. I would like to one day become a part of the full band scene. When I do get a band going someday, I’m gonna take talent very seriously. I won’t be picking random musicians just for the sake of jamming. I want talent. I want to make great rockin’ music. Someday I’ll make it all happen when the time is right.

I’m just trying to hone my musicianship. Trying to get better. Some people would say I’m already “good” but thanks, I still have plenty of work and learning to do. I do enjoy getting all the positive feedback I get with my covers and originals, though. That’s really awesome and a good feeling.



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