Even if Trump is serious about not prosecuting Hillary, I think it’s a strategy, he’s got something up his sleeve…

Could be a possibility on why Trump may have gone soft on Hillary and Obama after election. It could be that Trump is just messing with Obama and the media. Maybe Trump is just playing with them? It’s just a strategic plan to try and get Obama not to pardon Hillary. Trump trying to calm things down while Obama is still in office. Once Obama leaves, watch out, we’ll get the tough guy Trump back that we all love. Trump’s got something up his sleeve. He’s a genius and he knows what he’s doing. Obama is trying all he can to keep Hillary out of prison to protect himself so in order to do that, he’s got to pardon her. In order for Obama not to pardon her, Trump’s got to be nice to Hillary while Obama is still president. Get it? Give it time, guys.



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