Once again, I’ll support whoever Trump has in his administration…

So Nikki Haley confirmed as Ambassador to UN. I may not have liked her in the past but I’ll give her a chance. Trump and Haley may have been enemies throughout the election yes but it’s looking like Trump is trying unite us all. It’s about unifying is what it’s about.

Whether Trump has Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney in his administration, I’ll be fine with that too.

Why? Simply because Trump’s administration will be 10x’s better than Obama’s crap administration. I hated Obama’s administration so much so good fuckin’ riddance they’ll be gone soon. Obama’s administration was full of Islam sympathizers and we’ll be having none of that in Trump’s administration, thank god.

Nikki Haley is 10x’s better than that dumbass Samantha Power so I’ll take it.

Also, Trump’s pick as Nikki Haley is a big “Fuck You” to all those who thought Trump was a misogynist. Trump had Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager and now he hired a woman for Ambassador to UN. Take that NeverTrump idiots. He doesn’t hate women at all.


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