Ways to improve your ear as a guitarist…

Admittedly, I’m not very good at improvisation on guitar playing but I’m really working my ass off and practicing ear training and all that. I have been learning to sing along to the notes on guitar as a way to memorize the sound in my head. That really helps. I have been learning intervals. I have been studying music theory too.

Here’s an interesting article that teaches you how to have a better ear in guitar.


There are also all kinds of ear training apps for the Ipad/Iphone and also the PC . I have an ear training app called, “Harmonomics” that I use that is pretty helpful. That app is actually a game where they play you a note and you have to guess what it is. Kind of like a quiz game which is pretty cool.

I’m doing all I can to have a good ear in guitar playing. It doesn’t take overnight. It takes dedication, practice and patience. It takes a long while to memorize what notes and keys sound like. I’m getting the hang of it, though.

One day I will become an improvising wizard and I’ll soon be able to play anything and everything which is my goal.


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