In defense of Trump picking his administration… this is a mind of a CEO and businessman folks, he knows what he’s doing…

Trump’s been running his businesses and empire for over 30 years. He knows how to hire the best people for all his companies that he runs. That’s what he looks for when he hires for his companies, he looks for the best. He’s done pretty well for himself I would say. He has that same attitude when he’s hiring and choosing  people for his administration under his presidency. He hires the best people.

When he picks people like Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney… they may have been enemies in the past but it’s time to leave grudges behind and make America great again. You know that old saying when you’re working on a job and you have enemies with your co-workers, “You’re not there to make friends, you’re there to make money for yourself”. Well it’s pretty much the same  thing when Trump is hiring people for his administration. Even though Nikki, Ted and Mitt had negative feelings for Trump in the past, Trump knows they are really good workers & professional.

Trump is a CEO and businessman. He has over 30-50 companies and he hires thousands of people so he knows what he’s doing, folks. He’s not dumb like you think. Read his book “The Art of the Deal” and hell, you can even watch “The Celebrity Apprentice” to see how he does things. This guy is the real deal.

Trump hiring people for his administration in his presidency is just from his experiences of hiring people for his empire.

And looks  like he just hired another woman for his admin.

I’m confident Trump won’t let us down folks. It’s going to be a wild ride. Trump will be a great president, trust me.



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