“Be Who You Are, Not Who the World wants you to be…”

This quote is so true and so me, indeed. I’ve had this attitude for a long while now and it’s a good attitude to have. Be who you wanna be. Don’t listen to anybody even if it pisses them off. Nowadays, it seems like someone is always trying to change you if they don’t like something about you. If there is something someone doesn’t like about you they’ll point it all out and they’ll judge you no matter the situation. They always think they’re right but you’re always wrong. Don’t ever let them think they’re right about you.

I still have a problem with having a lot of haters and negative people getting all over me. It still happens to this day but that’s okay. My life is a good one. I’m not perfect but neither is everyone else. A lot of people thinks it’s my fault for attracting a lot of haters but I disagree. Haters are just gonna hate. They hate for no reason ’cause that’s all they got. People are gonna be weird and crazy. There’s also gonna be a lot of assholes out there too. There’s a lot of negative people out there nowadays, it’s crazy.

I have no time for them. All I want to do is enjoy life. Play my music, do my boxing, yoga, bodybuilding stuff and everything else that I like to do.

People always tell me to stop talking about politics so much and just concentrate on my music and get back to talking about movies. Well, I talk a lot about politics ’cause maybe that’s what I like to do. I’m a political guy. It’s a huge part of me. On top of that, I’m just a patriot and love my country. I’m doing all I can to help defend my country by speaking the truth about what’s going on.

People always whine and cry about the way I post online. I’ve been dealing with that crap for like a decade now. Even if I still have my own social networking and my own blog, people are still crying about my online stuff but that’s okay. I’m not changing for anybody. I will always be myself no matter what the haters think. They can go fuck off.

I’ll always be me. I am what I am. I write on a blog and do my social networking stuff like facebook/twitter so I can show you who I am and be myself. That’s what all this stuff is for, right? The internet gave you this stuff so you can be yourself and express yourself however you want to. Whether it’s online or in the real world, don’t change for anyone. I never will that’s for sure. I’ll always be the same guy online and offline. You can’t really separate the two. I think the reason I get so many haters is ’cause they know I like being myself and they hate that. I don’t listen to anybody. I stick to my guns. That’s why they all get on to me hoping to get me to listen to them. Never happening. I like who I am and will never change.


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