I agree with Trump that flag burning should be made illegal…


It’s funny. Liberals never cared about 1st amendment rights until Trump called for flag burning to be made illegal. I agree it should become illegal. It seems that liberals are becoming more and more offended at flags that represents the USA. First they got rid of the Confederate Flag and now they hate the American Flag. If that isn’t good enough to see that liberals hate our country then I don’t know what to say. No surprise to see the mainstream media defending flag burning.

Ya know, if I saw someone burning an American flag in front of my own eyes, I would have went over and did something about it. So hope I don’t see someone burning an American flag. Liberals made it okay to kill police officers in this country and now they’re making it okay to burn flags. This is all Obama’s America. This is how Obama is destroying this country. He wants people to hate America and hate everything it stands for ’cause Obama hates America himself.

It’s entertaining as hell to see the MSM get all worked-up over Trump’s tweet. Then they defend their rights of flag-burning and cry “1st Amendment”. That’s all they do when they’re in trouble. They all cry “1st Amendment” like the hypocrites they are. Like the meme above says is so true. Liberals are all for freedom of speech but if you’re conservative or a Christian, you can forget having Freedom of speech. Liberals are all for diversity but they can’t take differences of opinions.

I love how Trump uses twitter to expose the hypocrites the MSM and liberals really are. Liberalism is a mental disorder and this is proof of it.



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