NeverTrump idiots don’t like it when you try to defend Trump, it pisses them off…

In facebook, there are liberals, so-called libertarians and some so-called conservatives who do nothing but trash Trump publicly on their FB walls. I see it everyday. They usually post a bunch of misinformation about Trump. Anything that trashes Trump, chances are you’ll see NeverTrumpers re-sharing memes that trashes Trump from liberal FB groups such as “Occupy Democrats” or “Being Liberal”. They would also post news articles from liberal sources that makes Trump look bad. That’s all they do is post about Trump negatively. I thought about deleting all the Trump haters on my FB but I decided not to. I keep most of ’em on my friendslist ’cause it’s for research and to stay informed. When all NeverTrumpers want to do is talk trash about Trump in their FB pages, I’m not afraid to call out their bullshit. Instead of replying to their posts in the comments, I usually call out the NeverTrump idiots on my own facebook wall. Most people ignore my posts, sometimes I piss a few off and then they try to debate me. I usually don’t try to reply to other people’s anti-Trump posts but I do sometimes when I feel it’s necessary.

When you try to debate a NeverTrump idiot and try to defend Donald Trump, it really pisses them off. They don’t like it at all. That’s why they resort to name-calling most of the time and they cry like babies. That’s why they end up blocking you, delete you off of social networking. I try not to delete anti-Trump people from my friendslists but I do when they act like complete assholes and they think they can get away with their behavior of how they treat Trump supporters online. When they post stuff like Trump is a racist and woman hater, they don’t like it when you prove that he’s none of those things. They also want to paint Trump as if he’s some egomaniac who hates everyone, they don’t like it when you prove he’s not a bad guy… so on and so forth. They get pissed ’cause they can’t take the truth that Trump isn’t the man that the media and liberal FB groups say he is. Most anti-Trump people are just brainwashed losers. Just brainwashed people that believe everything they see in the news and social networking groups. You tell them that, they get all mad. Each time you accuse them of getting their info from the media and social networking groups, they start to make lies like, “I don’t get this stuff from the media, I get it from Trump himself”. Happens everytime. They say it just to make themselves look good and to make themselves look smart.

Look, I understand that you don’t like Trump. It’s cool… but when all you’re gonna do is talk negative things about Trump all the time, it’s going to bring out the supporters to debate you. That’s the way it goes, you see. I wish I could make those Sam Elliot memes and I could make him say, “You post all kinds of Trump hate posts in FB and you don’t want Trump supporters debating you? You that special kind of stupid?” If that’s all you’re gonna do is say negative things about Trump no matter the situation, you’re gonna get called out by Trump supporters. So suck it up and take it. Those Trump haters will always talk shit about him no matter if he does good things for the American people and the country, it’s pathetic. They post Trump hate posts, Trump supporters come out for his defense and then they cry about it. Funny how that is. I think it’s killing them that they know Donald Trump has a lot of supporters and they will never admit it. They’re still mad Trump won and they will never get over it.



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