Is this why media trying to get Trump banned off of twitter ’cause he uses it to talk to the American people? Yes, absolutely!


It’s really funny that when Trump wants to use twitter to speak his mind about something, the media goes crazy about it for hours. That’s all they talk about lately is Trump’s twitter. There’s even a lot of talk about liberals trying to get Trump banned off of twitter. Even the twitter CEO Jack Dorsey threatened to ban him if Trump breaks the TOS. The TOS? When was there a rule on twitter for speaking your mind? I don’t see that against the TOS rules. It’s just that twitter makes up rules as they go along. They’re getting so liberal biased, it’s crazy.

They ban conservatives and Trump supporters but they let liberals stay on for threatening to kill Trump. Threatening to assassinate Trump shouldn’t be on twitter but they let that stuff stay on. Twitter also allows Muslims to post pics of dead bodies, threats to kill Americans and they let Isis stay on. If people threatened to kill a democratic political figure on twitter, that would have gotten you a permanent ban on twitter and get the Secret Service knocking on your door but they don’t do anything about death threats against Trump at all. It’s really pathetic how one-sided people are these days.

Media and liberals hate Trump’s twitter ’cause Donald uses it to speak his mind and talk directly to the American people. That’s what they hate. I can’t blame Trump for using twitter to speak his mind about stuff ’cause all the media wants to do is make him look bad most of the time.

Will Trump continue to tweet to the American people during his presidency? We’ll see and he probably would. I hope he continues to tweet during his presidency. I love how he uses twitter to call out people’s bullshit.

The intolerance of liberalism is getting worse than ever before.



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