When I sing those songs on video with backing tracks, that’s my real voice, y’all…

Like the title of this topic says when I perform songs with backing tracks on video, I’m not singing through a karaoke machine. Why I don’t use karaoke machines? I simply hate them. Singing karaoke is cheating in my opinion ’cause those things automatically makes your voice sound better. I like to sing for real like through a P.A. System which is what I’m singing through. I just crank my studio monitors up and crank up the P.A. System and away I sing.

I think those Sabbath songs that I did sounded pretty good. Those videos got a few likes too and got some views. Nobody said anything negative about them which is good to see. I’ll be doing more videos like that. I want to sing more of my favorite metal songs. I will do more Sabbath and more Ozzy. Will also try singing Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Soundgarden, etc. Will also try singing some classic rock songs that I loved over the years. I want to see if I can sing every genre.

I won’t be able to sing everything ’cause some songs might be challenging ’cause of the high notes and stuff. I try my best to nail the song down just by listening to vocal melody and to try copy what the singer is doing. I’ll do songs that I’m able to do and the songs that are in my range. I was able to sing Ozzy pretty good ’cause Ozzy’s voice is kind of similar to mine.

While I refuse to do those singing competitions you see on TV, I wouldn’t mind auditioning for a cover band, though. Singing lead for a cover band might be kind of fun and I might take that under consideration.


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