I want to get this guitar amp sometime, looks pretty cool…

I came across this amp online that I pretty much fell in love with. The Line 6 Spider V 120, thanks to Guitar World magazine who introduced me to it. What’s pretty cool about it is that you can play through many different sounds through that amp. It has many different effects on it. It’s not just an electric guitar amp, you can use your acoustic/electric on it too.

There are so many things you can do with that amp. You can use that amp for home recording too ’cause it has USB on it. The amp is actually pretty affordable, $400 is not that bad at all.


Yeah, I already have a couple of electric guitar amps at home but it’s good to have more than one guitar and amp. It’s good to have a gear collection. I might think about buying this amp in 2017. I would like to buy myself another electric guitar too. For an electric guitar, I want to get a solid body and I’ll try to get one with a whammy bar on it ’cause I want to learn how to do whammy bar stuff.

I want to start buying more musicians gear. More pedals and things like that.



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