Barack and Hillary have no one to blame but themselves… that’s all they do is play the blame game when things don’t go their way…


No, Russia did not interfere the General Elections to help get Trump elected. It’s a bunch of bullshit and you know it. Want to know who got Trump elected? We the people did. Yes, the American people like you see in the photo above. The photo above are the people who voted Trump in. Trump won the General Election fair & square. It’s really funny watching Obama & Hillary accusing Trump of rigging the election with Russia when Obama was the one who told Trump to stop “whining” about rigged elections. Isn’t it funny when Trump says that the General Election is rigged, Obama typically says “no evidence” when there is no evidence of Russia interfering the General Election?

Jill Stein and Hillary failed the Wisconsin recounts… Trump won the election the 2nd time. All that did was earn Trump more votes and it also exposed more voter fraud by the Democrats. Watch Barack & Hillary fail again on Monday with the “electoral college” voting. Trump will win the election the third time. Those crybabies will never accept the results no matter what it came out to be. After they fail the “electoral college” voting in which they will, I’m sure they will try something else ’cause they won’t give up. They can’t accept the fact that the American people voted Trump in and that’s what they don’t want people to know. That’s what they’re trying to cover-up. They don’t want it known that Trump is popular.

Barack and Hillary lost so now they are playing the blame game and pointing fingers like they typically do when things don’t go their way. They blame fake news, they blame the “alt-right” community, they blame Comey & the FBI, Wikileaks, misogynists and then they blame Russia. Like the title of this topic says they have no one to blame but themselves.

Barack and Hillary lost miserably because:

1. Their horrible policies and the American people were fed up with it.
2. We’ve gotten fed up of the way Barack and Hillary treated the American people.
3. Their attempt to destroy America which they also failed miserably.
4. They’re criminals and all they do is shred the constitution to pieces.

That is why they lost. Liberals wants us to give Barack and Hillary more respect but it doesn’t work that way. Respect is earned, not begged for. We have every right to trash Obama & Hillary just like you think it’s okay to trash the Bush’s and the Trump’s. If they treat the country badly then they get treated badly. We treat Trump with respect because he treats the country good. We give Trump respect ’cause he earned it from us.

I find it amazing that people are still crying ’cause Hillary lost. Many of them claim they aren’t Hillary supporters but they prefer her over Trump. You know it’s a lie ’cause they all love Hillary and they’re afraid to admit it publicly.


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