Thinking about getting a MIDI controller soon for my home recording studio, probably will…

For now, I just have a small and basic home recording studio setup. I have a computer, a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, two studio monitors, a phantom powered Shure microphone, a pop filter for the mic and there’s one more piece of equipment that I’m missing. I think I might need a MIDI controller in which I will probably buy soon. I already have a MIDI controller but it’s an old piece of shit MIDI keyboard. I want to get something better and something that sounds a little more professional.

I’m not really good at playing the keyboard yet so I’ll probably just buy a small MIDI controller something like this. Not sure if this is the one I’ll get, just to give you an example.

I would like to get a MIDI controller so I can make my own backing tracks to my songs. Put drums and bass behind my songs. Would like to add other virtual instruments like violin, cello, piano and other keyboard sounds so I can make some creative music. I would like to write some songs with a classical orchestration in the background which would be pretty cool.

A lot lately, I’ve been studying music theory and doing my ear training ’cause being good at both of those is important if you want to do home recording with. I would like to get some instructional books on how to play the electric keyboards and MIDI controllers if I can find some.

I want to start writing and recording songs in 2017 so I can finally get that internet album in the works that I’ve been talking about. I just need to get my basic studio setup completed. Need to get a MIDI controller. That’s why I got an audio interface that has a MIDI controller hookup on it so I can one day get myself a MIDI controller. Like I said, I would like to make songs with drums and bass in the background of my guitar playing & singing but I want to have other instruments and sounds too. I need to learn how to play piano/keyboards and I will. I try but piano is hard, I’ll try to get back into it. I would like to write some piano ballads too.

I’ll get a new MIDI controller sometime in 2017.


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