People are so heartless and mean over Carrie Fisher… WOW… we all have our problems but have some heart, idiots!!!

This article at the Daily Mail UK pisses me off as I’m sure it pisses a lot of people off. I’m sure some others are speculating that Carrie’s past drug addiction may be the cause of Carrie’s heart attack but come on, where’s the compassion in people these days?

I’m not really all that big on Star Wars anyways… I do like “Star Wars” don’t get me wrong but I’m not much of a geek like a lot of people are but I respect Carrie for her legacy with Star Wars. Princess Leia is a pretty iconic character.

I hope Carrie pulls through and gets a speedy recovery as I’m praying for her myself. Those that are quick to speculate that her past drug addiction did this to her needs to get a life.


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