David Bowie passed away one year ago today…

Here’s to my favorite singer and songwriter, David Bowie. There’s not one song I don’t like by David Bowie. He’s one of those artists where you can like all of his music and I do. How can you not like David Bowie, ya know? I’ve been a fan of his music long before his passing.

I am now trying to collect all of his studio albums. So far I only have 12 of them.

When I first picked up the guitar, initially, I never wanted to have anything to do with singing lead vocals… I just wanted to be a guitar player. Until I heard Bowie, that’s when I wanted to become a singer myself. It was him who helped me inspire to play guitar and sing too in which he did both also.

His singing voice was powerful and unique. His songwriting was genius too. I love Bowie. Always did. RIP Bowie.


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