More on the Royal Rumble tonight… everyone’s expecting Undertaker to win tonight but…

… something else can always happen. Here are the guys who I think that could possibly win the Rumble tonight:

-The Undertaker (There’s a lot of talk that Undertaker is retiring soon anyways so which will be his final match? The Rumble or the next Wrestlemania?)

-Triple H (HHH could be one of those 8 surprise entrants and I wouldn’t be surprised that he could win the whole 30 man matchup so he can go for another title run at ‘Mania. HHH is always putting himself in the spotlight around Wrestlemania time)

-John Cena (Cena is scheduled to have a match against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at the Rumble tonight but there’s no stopping Cena being involved in the 30 man Rumble match too. Cena could win the whole thing and headline wrestlemania again. Cena hasn’t headlined a Wrestlemania since WM-29. Is it finally his time?)

-Brock Lesnar (Lesnar winning the Rumble tonight would make a whole lot of sense ’cause this would prove that Lesnar could get back to the top again after his loss to Goldberg.)

-Bill Goldberg. (Who knows, maybe Goldberg will actually get it and shock fans once again.)

-Braun Stroman (Maybe none of the guys above will win the Rumble. WWE has been pretty high on Braun Stroman who is pretty cool, btw so to give Stroman a huge main event push… they could shock the world and give Stroman a win. It’ll be nice if someone unknown and someone new could get the win for once.)

Yeah, I’m still a huge wrestling fanatic. I will never grow out of it. I know it’s fake and scripted but I just watch it for fun and that’s all! Hopefully tonight’s Rumble will be a good one.



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