Yeah, I’ll be watching the Royal Rumble tonight… the Undertaker will probably win the 30 man matchup…

Well tonight the Road to Wrestlemania of 2017 officially begins. The Road to Wrestlemania always begins on the Royal Rumble ppv. I’m looking forward to it but who do I think is gonna win the 30 Man Rumble matchup? I’m predicting the Undertaker will probably win it so he can headline Wrestlemania for a shot at the title. Looks like another title-run coming for Undertaker this year which is good. ‘Taker hasn’t held the title in a long time so he deserves one-more title run before his retirement. I love ‘Taker always did.

So far, there are only 22 participants confirmed in the 30 man Rumble matchup but there are 8 left unannounced. My guess is those 8 will be surprise entrants? Who will those 8 surprise entrants be? My guess:

  • Kurt Angle (there’s a lot of talk that Kurt is returning for one more match, his Rumble appearance could lead to one more match @ WM-33)
  • Triple H (He hasn’t been on TV in a long while again. I’m feeling a Triple H comeback. We could see a Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match at the next ‘Mania)
  • Shawn Michaels HBK
  • Bobby Roode (former TNA star who just got signed to WWE)
  • Samoa Joe (another former TNA star making his way to WWE)
  • Hulk Hogan (it’ll be great to see Hulk get reinstated after all the Gawker controversy)
  • Shane McMahon (he’ll probably get involved. Would like to see more high flying action like he’s best at)
  • Sting (It be cool to see Sting again tonight. I doubt it though but it’s a possibility)

Should be an exciting Rumble hopefully. Looking forward to the other matches too. The other matches will probably be kind of short ’cause gotta leave a lot of time for the big 30 man matchup. I’m almost pretty sure Undertaker will probably win.



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