So I finally upgraded to the full version of Acoustica Mixcraft today…

So I finally  upgraded to the Acoustica Mixcraft DAW today. I bought the half version from Best Buy like a few years back but never upgraded to the full version until now. I’m quite happy with the software. I think I’ll stick with Acoustica Mixcraft instead of all the other DAW’s that are out there like ProTools, FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc.

What’s cool with the Acoustica Mixcraft it’s all a mixing, mastering and MIDI controller all at the same time. It has built in MIDI software in it. The software has every instrument on it you can think of and the instruments sound realistic enough. I could put drums and bass behind my electric guitar songs on this software easily.

Plus, I can make music with all kinds of instruments: strings, brass, etc. Whatever.

I’m still gonna get a MIDI controller to use with it, though… that way I can use the MIDI keyboard to put notes in instead of using the mouse and typing them in. Mixcraft is pretty nice. It not only has a piano roll, it has a “music score” on it where you put your own notes on in the treble clef and bass clef so that’s why I’m trying to learn how to read music.

Will I be making music with orchestration playing in the background? Yes! Absolutely. That’s the kind of music I’ve always wanted to make was to make music with violins, cellos, violas and brass instruments playing in the background. That’s the kind of music I’ve always wanted to sing over and who knows, maybe I’ll make a whole album like that?

First I’m gonna start with making a full band rock album before anything else though. I want to try experimenting with that. I think I can make some great rock n’ roll with heavy distorted guitar. I have plenty of riff ideas spinning in my head.

I’m also gonna have to learn how to mix and master my own music so I can make professional sound quality music. That’s what mixcraft is for, hence the name of the DAW “Mixcraft”.

My home studio setup is almost complete. Just got to get a MIDI controller and then I’m set.

Starting this year I’m probably gonna start writing electric guitar songs and get them out of me. Then I’ll try to figure out how to put drums & bass in the background.

Don’t think I can make some bad ass guitar rock? Watch me. As a matter of fact, a lot of my songs were originally supposed to be full band guitar rock but I played them on acoustic first ’cause I don’t have a band yet. Some of my songs were meant for full band especially a song like “Mr. Tough Guy” which I definitely plan on making a full band version of soon.



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