Learning Mixing, Mastering, MIDI virtual instruments and drum programming…

Now that I have the full version of Acoustica Mixcraft, I’m gonna have to do research and learn how to do Mixing and Mastering. I’m not the best at producing my own music but I should be. I should learn how to produce my own music so I can make my own music sounding the best as possible. I don’t have a professional studio setup or anything, just a small basic setup. I just have the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface and PreSonus studio monitors. I can make my own music sound really good with this small basic setup, though. I just gotta learn how to mix and master.

I don’t plan on taking a mixing and mastering course that’ll cost me a couple of thousand dollars. I’m not gonna take a college course for that or anything, I’m gonna figure it out all on my own. Teach myself how to record a professional sounding record on a small budget.

I just found an instructional book that could be me started, though. I’m thinking about ordering this book pretty soon.


Before I start making music on Mixcraft, I need Balanced TRS cables so I can hook up my monitors to my audio interface, that way I can hear playback while I’m mixing and mastering.

I do know the difference between mixing and mastering. After tracking and recording everything, I’m going to have to do mixing and mastering later. It’s a good idea to produce my own music so I can make it sound like however I want it to sound. I’ll admit when I used to record on different DAW’s in the past, I was so horrible at production but I didn’t give a shit. I just wanted to get the songs out of me and get it on recording not caring how bad it sounded but from this point forward, I’m going to take music production very seriously.

That’s why I wanted to buy a better audio interface: The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 which is a professional enough sounding interface and professional sounding monitors. That’s also why I wanted to get a phantom powered microphone so my vocals can sound good and clear with no background sounds.

Mixing is just adjusting levels and tracks you recorded into one stereo sound. Mastering is trying to make the sound louder and adding in finishing touches like effects: Compression, EQ, etc. Also mastering to make your tracks ready to go for distributing ready for Itunes or release albums or whatever. It goes something like that, I believe.

As for MIDI, I’m also gonna have to learn to get good with that stuff as I have. Learning how to play the keyboards and learn to read sheet music and theory ’cause all that stuff is important if you want to deal with DAW recording.

If I want to put drum tracks behind my songs, I’m gonna have to learn drum programming as well. I might just use the drums in Mixcraft or I might buy Superior Drummer software as a plugin for it. I might get Superior Drummer soon which will cost a little over a hundred dollars but it’ll be worth it.

I want to make the best sounding music possible so all my listeners and fans (Yes, I do have some, believe it or not, they are out there) can listen to my tunes on their home stereos, ipods or in their cars or whatever.

I’m planning to make all my music homemade but will I sell the music online or make a real album on physical CD? Physical CD no ’cause nobody cares for CD’s anymore but I will probably release internet only albums. I’ll try to figure out how to get my music onto Itunes ’cause I’ve always wanted to sell my music on there. I’ll give it a try and figure it out.

The internet album will still happen, y’all. Small baby steps. That’s all it takes.



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