President Trump needs to realize that Barack Obama still hates him… Come on, Trump! Wake Up!

I remember seeing on Trump’s first TV interview as president with Sean Hannity, Trump says he’s gotten friendly with Obama on TV. Trump clearly said, “I like him, he likes me”.

Trump says that at about 35:02 in this interview:

What President Trump doesn’t realize that Obama hates him. Always did. Obama lies well and pretends well. I think it’s obvious that Obama was just being friendly with Trump ’cause it was “inauguration” time and Obama just had to show respect to the new president. That was all. Now that inauguration is over, Obama is back to trying to bring down Trump. Obama just put out a statement condemning Trump’s immigration vetting and policies as you all probably should know by now.

Trump also keeps saying he has a lot of respect for the Clintons, well same thing. Hillary still hates him too.

While I think President Trump is doing a great job so far, I think him being friendly with the Clintons and the Obamas is wrong. It’s the only thing I disagree with Trump. Obama still wants to destroy America even if he’s no longer president.

Trump needs to wake up and start getting tough on the Clintons and the Obamas again just like he did during the campaign trail. Ever since getting elected and sworn in, Trump has gone soft on the Clintons and the Obamas which is sad.

The Clintons and Obama needs to be locked up. So hopefully when Jeff Sessions get confirmed as AG finally which will be today, Sessions will start to investigate the crimes of the Clintons and Obama.

Yep, Obama definitely hates Trump still. Obama wrote that letter to Trump after getting elected just to be nice and to show respect to the new President and that’s all. While Trump is doing a great job keeping most of his promises, he needs to drain the swamp. Get Hillary and Barack locked up ’cause as long as they’re out scot-free still, they will still do whatever they can to destroy America.



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