Sturgill Simpson’s “Sailor’s Guide To Earth” should have won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s instead of Adele…

Earlier today I listened to Sturgill Simpson’s “Sailor’s Guide To Earth” album and I was so fucking impressed by it. That album was pretty amazing. LOVED IT! Sturgill’s music is country a little bit but he also adds in other genres of music into his work. I just love his singing voice and his backup band makes some very good music as well.

I think his album should have won “Album of the Year” at the Grammy’s instead of Adele. Of course, the Grammy’s always have to pick Adele ’cause well, she’s Adele. Anyway, “Sailor’s Guide to Earth” by Sturgill Simpson was an incredible album. Think I’m gonna be listening to it a lot for sure. Sturgill’s music is so different. Can’t even describe the genre he plays really. They call him a country artist and roots rock but I hear a lot of jazz & blues in his music too.

“Sailor’s Guide to Earth” is a great album and you should give it a listen too. As a matter of fact, I never heard of this Sturgill Simpson guy before until he got nominated for “Album of the Year” for this record. I thought he was just another typical pop artist but it turns out he wasn’t that. He’s an artist with real talent. A guy who plays his own instruments and writes his own songs while the other artists in the “Album of the Year” category didn’t write their own songs.

I was surprised how great “Sailor’s Guide” was and I would like to see Sturgill Simpson live in concert someday. So glad I discovered this guy’s music. I really dig this song he did called “Call to Arms”… in the song sends a political message but still though the song is so fucking tight. Love it. Enjoy.



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