Think it’s time for a new electric guitar this year… I’m gonna get one real soon…

This year I’m gonna buy myself another new electric guitar. I do have the Ibanez Artcore HollowBody which is the AG75 and that guitar I remember costed me like $400 when I bought it several years ago. I’m realizing that guitar was made for jazzy guitar sounds or playing clean guitar sounds with. That electric guitar wasn’t really made to be playing rock or metal with. The Ibanez Artcore AG75 is a nice guitar and sounds amazing, I’ll need to find an electric guitar that has a good rock and metal sound to it like a Washburn guitar or a Jackson. This year I’m going to save up for a real good electric guitar with a price range that goes around from $500 – $700. When it comes to the electric guitar, I’ll need a good solid body electric this time around.

I think it’s good that I should have a solid body electric too. When I go looking around for a new solid body electric, I’m going to find one that has a whammy bar on it ’cause I’ve always wanted to experiment with whammy bar tricks when playing solos. If I want to play hard rock and metal, gotta have a solid body electric and I will get one this year. Just started saving up for one already. It’s looking like I’ll be getting back to work my part time job real soon so I’ll be able to save up faster.

I want to get a good electric guitar. Not a cheap one. I should get a solid body electric so I can record with. Whenever I’m ready to buy a new electric guitar which should be in a few months, I’m gonna go buy one from Parkway Music in Clifton Park. I think it’s better to buy guitars at guitar shops instead of ordering them online. Plus, Parkway Music is a fucking awesome store. I love it there.

Other than an electric guitar, I’ll have to save up extra money so I can buy a guitar case with it, get a guitar stand with it, guitar strings and I’ll get a few guitar pedals too. I’m looking to buy more guitar pedals too ’cause I want to start a pedal collection. If I want to play hard rock and metal, I need a variety of sounds.

I’m soon gonna be playing original hard rock and metal. When I start making heavier rock music, I think people will be surprised ’cause they won’t believe I could play music like that. That’s because I’ve spent years of my life playing acoustic music and I want to move forward to electric full time. Don’t think I can make some original metal inspired by some of my favorite bands: Led Zep, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, etc.??? Watch me. This is the kind of music I’ve always wanted to play, that dark melodic rock sound. I believe I can make some exciting rock riffs that could get your head banging.

It’s time to go electric and it’s time to rock! \m/



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