Ways to tell whether someone is a true friend of yours or not…

I know how this can be pretty confusing to some people out there. A lot of people can’t tell whether someone is a true friend or not. To me, it’s easy to tell whether someone is a true friend or not.

I’m sure you see this all the time through social networking and in the real world. People complaining about how their so-called friends are dealing with a lot of drama and negativity. You have to deal with betrayals and now they all of a sudden become your enemies. I’ve been there myself so I hear ya.

Ways to tell whether someone is a true friend of yours???:

Ways someone is a true friend: 

  • They find the time to keep in touch with you first always: They are the first to drop you a text, FB private message or even a phone call to ask how you’re doing and have friendly conversations about whatever. If they take the time to contact you first then that’s an immediate sign they like you for you.
  • They are willing to hang out and spend time with you: Another big sign that they are willing to be friends for life. They want to hang out with you and do fun stuff. Hang out at home, just talk or even go out to do fun stuff like go to the movies, shop around and stuff like that.
  • They give you a gift as a symbol of friendship: When someone really likes you, they give you a small gift like a music CD, books or movies on DVD/Bluray and things like that. This is another big sign to tell that someone is a true friend. They give you treats, give you a small gift of whatever you like and other treats like a meal or something.
  • They give you loyalty: They’ll find ways to show that they like you by trying to make you feel like you’re not getting used. They’ll always keep in touch on a regular basis. Always. Never losing interest in you and never forgetting you. When they show you loyalty, you show them loyalty in return. They’ll always show that they like you.

Ways someone is an enemy: (people who pretend to be your friend but in reality, they’re your enemy)

  • They only come to you when they need something: They ask you for money, ask you for free rides for where ever they want to go (for those that drive, that is), asking you to buy things for them, etc. You get the deal. When you get people like this, they need to go.
  • Always saying negative things about you and criticizing you about things: I don’t know why you continue to keep your friends, when some of them can’t say anything positive about you. When you get so-called friends, always saying negative stuff, judging you and criticizing you all the time… they need to go.
  • They don’t care to contact you first, you alway have to be the first to contact them: When you call someone a friend and it’s you the one that have to make the contact first like send a text message, private message or a phone call to them all the time… that’s a sign that they don’t really care about you. The ones that don’t care to contact you first, probably secretly doesn’t like you and this person needs to go.
  • They don’t give you loyalty, don’t give you treats/gifts at all, don’t care to hang out: Nowadays people don’t know the true meaning of loyalty. It’s getting harder and harder to find loyal friends these days so I hear them. These are the people who don’t think about you often… the ones who don’t care to see how you’re doing and all that stuff. These people need to go.

The way I look at all this, I’ve learned you should keep the true friends and get rid of the so-called friends. Don’t be afraid to eliminate toxic people from your life. I do it all the time. You always see people in social networking complaining about friends stabbing them in the back and stuff. Don’t be afraid to get rid of them. This is what you need to do if you want to have a happier life. It’s your responsibility to be tough toward negative people. Don’t allow them to get all over you. Don’t be afraid to shut out negative people from your life. Pretend they’re dead and act like they don’t exist. It’s easy. I do it all the time. I have no time for drama.

A lot of people think I’m anti-social and “shy” but not really. I do like good people and good friends myself but I’m one of those types that if you treat me good, I’ll treat you good but if you don’t, watch out. I’m only an asshole to those who are an asshole to me first. That’s how it goes, ya know? Don’t be afraid to be an asshole to those that only deserve it.

You’ll know who the true friends are soon enough.



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