Iggy Azalea’s new video “Mo Bounce” is disgusting and disturbing, Iggy using young girls in a twerking & booty shaking video inappropriate… yet no outrage from liberals?

I used to like Iggy Azalea but after she released her new music video titled, “Mo Bounce”, I can’t support her music anymore and I won’t bother buying her new album either. Why? Watch her video in the first video above.

As you can see the video is full of Satanism/Illuminati stuff which is no surprise ’cause most pop star videos have that stuff nowadays… however, that stuff isn’t what’s really bothering me (although I still do condemn Satanism)… what’s bothering me about that video is that is Iggy trying normalize pedophilia with this video? In this video, she has very young girls doing stripper dances. You even see a young girl with purple hair,  showing off her bare legs, shaking her booty, doing leg splits and all kinds of inappropriate dances while Iggy sits on the motorcycle and watches her.

You don’t see liberals, the media or music fans attacking Iggy for using little girls for her video. Instead,  you see everybody praising Iggy for it and you see fans enjoying the video. What has the world come to? Using little children for inappropriate music videos. I agree with the 2nd video that there is an agenda behind this.

I mean, youtube censors conservatives and Donald Trump supporters but they allow stuff like little girls looking like strippers in a music video to be online? This is messed up. I can’t support Iggy anymore and I’m totally boycotting her.

The Iggy video “Mo Bounce” has over 9 million views and you don’t see anyone in the comments attacking her for using children to look like strippers. They all say it’s okay and giving Iggy positive feedback on the video.

Iggy looks like she got some plastic surgery and breast implants too it looks like ’cause she never looked like that with her first album.

Nobody would have cared about the video if the little girls weren’t in it. I would have been fine with the video if the little girls weren’t in it.

The pop music industry is getting worse for sure. Shame on you, Iggy. You would do anything to make your videos go viral even if it means using underage girls.



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