Why I want to move on to electric guitar full time…

I think the simple answer to the title of this topic is that I’ve played acoustic guitar for most of my life. I want to switch to electric and I have been focusing on electric guitar mostly. I just simply want to rock, ya know? That’s pretty much the only reason. I want to try to write rock songs on electric guitar and I want to perform covers on electric guitar too.

Lately I’ve been messing around with riffs by Ac/Dc, Sabbath, Led Zep, Metallica and bands such as those. I’m going to try to learn the solos note for note for some of those songs too. I want to learn cover songs by my favorite bands & artists. Electric guitar covers… I also want to learn songs by Eric Clapton, KISS, Joe Satriani, Van Halen and possibly Dream Theater songs as well. I want to learn as much covers on electric guitar as much as possible.

I just find that electric guitar is way more fun than acoustic. I’ve played acoustic for most of my life and pretty much tired of it. Want to move on to something new. I’ll never give up acoustic, of course. I’ll always play that but I want to keep my most focus on electric guitar. Play both rhythm and lead guitar. I really love playing lead guitar so much and I want to do a lot of that. I’ve been studying and practicing on how to become a better lead guitarist as well learning theory, ear training and things like that.

I’m planning to put that new Jackson guitar on order next week which I can’t wait. For a long while I’ve stuck with Ibanez guitars but I want to try something different and always wanted to hear what Jackson guitars are like. If I want to be a rock and metal kind of guy, Jackson guitars are pretty much the way to go.

I would get myself a Gibson Les Paul someday and I’ve always wanted one but I gotta somehow come up with a couple of thousand. For now, I can’t afford guitars that much. I can only afford guitars around the $300 – $500 price range but one day I will get a Gibson Les Paul and that’s my dream guitar right there. I love buying new musicians gear when I can, though. I’m always looking for something new and different.

When I first started out playing guitar 20 years ago, I started off on electric but then I switched to acoustic for most of my life. Now I want to return to electric full time.

As far as guitar instruction and practicing goes, the music theory and ear training is going well. Getting good with both of those. I just want to become a better musician and trying all I can to get there.




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