Local musicians who are “conservative” & Trump supporters in Albany, stop hiding and speak out…

I know it seems like that we have a pretty liberal music scene in the Capital District but I’m pretty sure there are many conservative musicians around this local area. Most musicians who are around here that are pretty liberal seems to not be afraid to voice their political views through social networking but there are many who seem to be pretty quiet about their political views. If some musicians around here are pretty quiet about their political views then chances are then this person is a conservative and hiding it.

Why would musicians around here hide their conservative political views? Is it so they can avoid liberal backlash? They don’t want to lose their liberal supporters and fans is probably why. I’m a conservative and proud of it. I’m not afraid to speak out my political views publicly and don’t feel any regrets for it either. You shouldn’t be afraid either.

Yeah, people who are die-hard liberals who were once fans & supporters of mine got turned off once they saw me voicing out my views so they stopped supporting me. I’ve had many other musicians who are pretty liberal refusing to support me or my music ’cause of my conservative views but that’s okay. That’s what you pretty much wanna do. If you want to fight liberalism, you can’t hide your conservative feelings. You have to speak out.

I know if you speak out that if you’re a conservative or a Trump supporter it might be pretty risky for your music life but to tell you the truth, it won’t hurt a damn thing to your music life. Over the years I’ve gotten more fans & more supporters of my music since I’ve been talking about conservatism and Trump. Upstate NY has many Trump supporters, no doubt about that and if you come out as a Trump supporter, you would be surprised of how many Trump fans would support your music.

I know there are many local musicians around here who are big time Trump supporters, it’s just that they are afraid and too cowardly to speak out about it. Afraid to lose their liberal fanbase? Afraid to lose gigs?

I know I had a post before that musicians should keep quiet about their political views but now that I think about it, I disagree. You should speak loud and proud. I’m not afraid to speak out about politics and you shouldn’t be either.

There are many liberal musicians around the Capital District area who ram their political views down our throats everyday and I’m  pretty much fed up with it all. I can’t fight liberalism on my own. Come on, y’all. I need help. LOL!



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