I don’t really need to get a fuzz pedal after all…

I just found out that I don’t really need to get a fuzz pedal ’cause I already have fuzz sound in one of my pedals that I have now. I already have fuzz on my Boss Distortion DS-1. The pedal came with a small instruction booklet and you can get various distortion sounds on this pedal whether from Hard Rock to British Punk to American Rock to Fuzz. I turned the knobs on the pedal to the fuzz sound and it sounded pretty cool. You can still get a good enough fuzz sound on this thing where you can sound like Nirvana or Hendrix. The fuzz sound on the DS-1 pedal sounds pretty badass.

I like the sound of fuzz when it comes to electric guitar ’cause it sounds really cool when you play lead guitar. Play lead guitar with fuzz gives you that 60’s and 70’s vibe which is the sound I’m looking for. I’ll still get the Fuzz Face pedal but I’ll get it sometime in the future. It’s cool that I just learned that I have fuzz ’cause it’s a cool sound.

So I’m gonna place that Jackson guitar and Delay pedal on order tomorrow and should get that stuff this week.



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