Last night’s Trump rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania should prove that the Trump Train is still good!


If you still believe that the Trump Train is getting smaller & smaller, don’t believe the hype. The Trump Train is still good, y’all. Trump is still extremely popular and the pic above is proof of that. No, Russia didn’t help Trump win the election. We, the American people voted him and helped him win. The pic above is something that the media will never show.

I watched Trump’s Harrisburg, P.A. speech live last night online and Trump still kills it. Trump never flipped on Obama ’cause last night Trump said, “The last administration gave us a lot of mess”… Trump was careful not to mention Obama’s name but we knew exactly who he was talking about.

I look at the crowd last night in Harrisburg and there are people of all different kinds. There were women in the audience, blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. Liberals want diversity? Well they got it!

When I watch Trump speech last night, the look on his face, man… he seems very happy and very excited. Smiling almost all the way through the speech. I can see why ’cause he did so much winning ever since he got elected. Don’t listen to the haters when they claim he hasn’t accomplished much, they’re just brainwashed people who probably believes what fake news media says. I think Trump did a great job in his first 100 days so I’ll give him an A+. While he did a good job, there is still more work to do, though. We’re just getting started.

The wall still needs go up, Obamacare still needs to go, we still got to get rid of Common Core too, taxes needs to go down, drain the swamp in Washington, destroy Isis for good, etc. I believe all that stuff will happen soon. The next 100 days will be even better.

It’s so refreshing to hear Trump talk about the American people instead of talking about himself. We had to deal with Obama talking about himself during his speeches for 8 years, when Trump does speeches he doesn’t refer to himself that much. The haters think Trump is a self-referential guy but I don’t think so at all. It’s Obama who is pretty self-referential but liberals applaud him for that.

Last night’s speech was great, loved how he gave the middle finger to Hollywood’s nerd prom at the White House and gave us a speech to celebrate 100 days instead.

All those so-called Trump supporters who bailed and now criticizing him are making a huge mistake. They’ll regret that later. I’m sure they already are regretting it.

I stand with President Trump. I don’t give a fuck what people says or thinks.



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