Do I really need expensive gear to play hard rock & metal? No, not really…

I love buying guitars and musicians gear when I can! It’s so much fun! I’m gonna try to do that more often but do I really need expensive music gear that would break the bank? No, not really. I don’t really need to buy expensive gear that would cost over a couple of thousand dollars ’cause I don’t really play music professionally. I’m not in the industry or anything like that so I don’t need expensive gear at all so for now, I just buy musicians gear that are around $300 – $500 price range, that’s good enough.

I do want to play hard rock & metal and trying to get all the sounds for it. I didn’t get my new Mitchell HD400 guitar yet but hopefully it gets dropped off tomorrow. I just want to have a good metal sound. I do love my Ibanez Hollow Body Art Core guitar but the thing is too damn big and kind of heavy. It’s another reason why I wanted a new solid body guitar… I needed a guitar that is light weight and smaller. The Mitchell guitar seems like the right fit.

There’s a myth going around out there that the more expensive guitars sound better and louder than the inexpensive ones but not always. There are expensive guitars out there that I’m sure sounds kind of crappy but the $300 – $500 guitars sound even better. You don’t need to be fancy to play rock n’ roll & metal. I want to play metal and learn to shred which is what I’ve been doing.

I don’t need expensive gear at all but don’t get me wrong, though, one day I will get a vintage guitar someday. My dream guitar is that I’ve always wanted a vintage Gibson Les Paul made from the 60’s or 70’s and someday I’ll get one of those just to have as part of a collection. I’m thinking about starting a guitar collection. Probably will. Already have started a guitar collection. So far I have 4 guitars and have a 5th one coming my way if that delivery van ever gets here. Hopefully tomorrow!


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