Just got my new Mitchell HD400 electric guitar today! It’s a keeper for sure! A badass axe!!!


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Well it came! It came here pretty safely and unharmed too. My new Mitchell HD400. I ended up getting the black one. It not only looks badass, it sounds badass too. The guitar costs $399.99 but I bought it on sale at Musician’s Friend for $279.99 which is a good deal. So technically this is the most expensive guitar that I’ve ever owned!

The Mitchell guitar has got a great sound… just the right sound for playing hard rock & metal ’cause I’ve been messing around with some riffs on it. Been messing around with lead guitar on it and it also sounds great playing lead! What I love about the guitar is that it has two humbucker pickups and one single coil. I never had a guitar like that before. The guitar sounds really great using overdrive and distortion effects. The guitar sounds pretty heavy and hard rocking. Just the sound that I want! Perfect!

Along with the guitar, I also bought the Rogue Analog Delay pedal which was about $50. I messed around with it a little bit today and that sounds really cool too. I’m definitely gonna start a pedal collection ’cause I’m planning on creating different sounds with my music when I start writing original songs again.

One thing for sure though, I’m definitely noticing the difference of sound between a full hollowbody electric to a solid body electric.

The Mitchell HD400 feels great too. The neck is thinner than a hollow body which makes for easier playing and the fretboard feels nice too. Feels comfortable and much lighter. It’s a perfect guitar for me so it’s definitely a keeper!

I’ll post videos of me playing it soon.



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