How am I doing in yoga so far???

So I’ve been sticking with yoga for a few months or more and I’ve been feeling really good. I got into yoga and been wanting to get into it for a long time. Thank god for the public gym in my hometown. I remember the days in my hometown where there was no fitness gym and now there is one. Thankfully they have all kinds of classes at the gym which is called the Battenkill Branch (or the Y).

I’ve gotten into Yoga ’cause I needed the flexibility. Plus, it’s a good stress reliever is another reason I go. Yoga not only helps builds you more strength, more flexibility… it’s also meditation. I kind of always wanted to get into meditation too ’cause it really helps you think. Meditation really helps clears your head and gets your mind off all the negative bullshit and crazy stuff going on in your life. Definitely makes you feel happier and more confident ’cause each time I do a yoga session at the Y, I feel like that I love myself each time. It really does help make me feel happier and become a more confident and fearless person.

Other than that, I’m getting real good at yoga. Still can’t do a lot of poses since I’m not that flexible yet but each time I do a yoga session, I feel a little more flexibility each time. I’m definitely feeling it. I still can’t do leg splits yet but got a lot of work to do. I guess getting a flexible body is a slow process so I’m going to be patience and stay committed.

So far, I’ve been at Yoga every week, only had a few weeks off but I still practice yoga poses at home all the time. I’m getting better at the balancing, though. I guess that takes a lot of practice.

I can’t do tree poses yet either but working on that.

I’m not gonna take photos or videos of me doing yoga poses until I get real good at that stuff which would be a while.

Yoga is an amazing feeling, though. I can see why yoga is really popular and mainstream now. Yoga really does work. Yoga is not just for women, it can be for men too. There are men that go to my yoga class even though it’s mostly women that go to them.

I like yoga class ’cause it’s a good opportunity to meet new people and I have met new people through that class which feels good. Haven’t made any new friends from that class yet but I know some of their names and they know mine… we have small talk and stuff but that’s about it. Will I get myself a date with a woman from a yoga session? Who knows, there are some smoking looking women with hot bodies that go there. Sometimes I do say hello to some of the ladies in there and have small talk and that’s all.

I love yoga. Glad I finally got into it and I would recommend you give it a shot too.



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