I’m gonna get into comic book collecting full time, I think… definitely gonna!!!

So yesterday, I went to my very first comic book convention. I’ve never been to one before. I went to Saratoga Comic Con yesterday and spent the whole day there pretty much. I made sure I had some spending cash on me so I can buy all kinds of cool stuff for myself and I did! You know those conventions. They are those type of places where you’ll hope you won’t spend all your money but you end up doing that anyways.

I used to buy comics when I was a young kid but thinking about getting back into it after all these years. I want to start comic book collecting full time. A new hobby I want to pick up. Something new and different, ya know? I want to get into comic book buying, not only to have as a valuable collector’s item but also I just like reading the stories ’cause some of the stories in those superhero comics can be really amazing stuff. I’ve been getting into reading comics and graphic novels more.

As you can see in the pics above, I picked up a bunch of comics for myself. Mostly Superman comics since Superman is my favorite. I also picked up a few Batman comics, a couple of Punishers and Wolverines. In the DC universe, Superman and Batman are my favorite superheroes. In the Marvel Universe, The Punisher and Wolverine are my favorite. So I’ll probably buy comics of mostly those 4 characters. I’ll try reading comics of other superheroes too.

Saratoga Comic Con was interesting and I’m definitely gonna go next year. Will go every year. I may be late getting into the comic collecting bandwagon but late is better than never. It was a fun day yesterday. Got to see and do a lot of interesting things. Check out my instagram page for more pics of me at the event if you want.



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