I really want to improve my guitar playing, take it to the next level… doing all I can…

I’ve spent most of the day earlier today practicing on my new Mitchell HD400 guitar that I just got. Practicing and learning some new instructional stuff on lead guitar. Trying to become a better rock lead guitar soloist. My lead guitar playing has always sounded pretty bluesy but I don’t want to sound like that anymore. I’m studying Rock & metal lead guitar now. I want to learn how to shred and be able to play like a virtuoso which has always been my goal.

I was trying to find instructional books and DVDs and stuff that teaches you how to use a whammy bar but I just found out I already have an instructional book that teaches you how. I have an instructional book on my IPad titled, “Heavy Metal Lead Guitar” and there’s a pretty good chapter in it that teaches you whammy bar tricks so I’m all set.

I want to be really good at both rhythm and lead guitar. Will I become like one of the greats someday and become respected by everybody? Hopefully but I’m gonna take my time and stay humble. Who knows what may happen? Just keep playing and that’s it.

I want to play metal, I really really do. Headbanging stuff, big riffs and some growls.

A lot of guitarists out there don’t practice much or don’t practice hardly at all but I think practicing is extremely important. I practice guitar every day. It’s the only way to get better.

I already do get a lot of positive feedback on my guitar playing lately which is nice but I still have a lot of work to do, though. I’m working on ear training and improvisation mostly. Practicing guitar is awesome. I’ve gotten a better understanding of timing and rhythm and I play along with a metronome quite well now. So I’m all good with rhythm, I just need to get good at improv with lead guitar playing which I’m working on. Trying to have a better ear. I also want to start jamming with other musicians ’cause that helps make you become better too.

I love guitar playing. It’s in my blood and it’s pretty much all I want to do.



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