I really want to get real good at guitar…

I’m really am trying my best to become really good at guitar or even better become like one of the greats. It just takes time and patience to get there. So you ask. What level of guitar playing am I at now? I would say that I’m pretty much in the “advanced” level ’cause I pretty much know a lot in the “intermediate” level. I’ve been learning more advanced guitar techniques and more advanced theory stuff. I think learning music theory is pretty important to learn that way you can communicate with other musicians and become a better songwriter yourself. Music theory will also help my lead guitar playing skills.

I’ve been loving the electric guitar. Ever since I got that new Mitchell electric, I can’t put it down. It’s definitely a different feeling than acoustic and trying to get more used to the electric. I want to be that type of player not to show off technical skills… I don’t really care about all that. I want to be the type of guitar player to melt people’s faces melodically.

I’m doing my best to make my lead guitar playing sound musical ’cause nobody wants to hear you play scales, ya know? They want to hear music. So the goal in becoming a great lead guitar player, you want to make your lead playing sound likes it’s singing a song and that’s what I’m trying to do. Joe Satriani always said you should sound musical all the time and sounds like a good idea to me. Playing all these fast shredding notes, sweeps, whammy bar stuff maybe all cool but in my opinion, sounding musical is more important.

With my original rock & metal songs that I would like to write, I would like improvised solos during the instrumental break. They’ll probably be pretty long solos ’cause I’ve always liked to play long. I just want to make solos that will serve the song. I just want to jam out so I’m doing my best studying, practicing and learning lead guitar. I want to be good at both rhythm & lead.

I’m probably gonna stick with the electric guitar for a pretty long time ’cause honestly, that’s pretty much what I was meant to do. When I played acoustic guitar in the past, I’ve always played it like an electric guitar. I never really played acoustic like a country or a folk guitarist.

I would like to hopefully play in a rock band someday like join someone else’s band or start one of my own. Not sure.



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