Mayor Sheehan, a total disaster for the city of Albany… glad I don’t live there…

Albany, N.Y. mayor, Kathy Sheehan is running for re-election and I urge Albany to think really hard before voting. Sheehan’s really gotta go as she is a total nightmare and a disaster for Albany.

Sheehan wants to cut police and firefighters in Albany just to save money which is pretty dumb, in my opinion. I don’t like that idea at all… well, Sheehan is very anti-police so it’s no surprise really. She always has been anti-police.

She also issued Executive Orders to turn Albany into a sanctuary city.

Is it just me or is Kathy Sheehan intentionally trying to make Albany less safe?

Albany has always been pretty high on crime but Sheehan is gonna turn Albany into a hell hole if she wants to cut police and turn Albany into a Sanctuary city. She’s gonna make Albany even more dangerous.

The Albany mayor race is coming up and so far there’s only three people who are for sure running. There’s Kathy running for re-election and two other Democrats. No republicans yet.

Will there be Albany republicans planning to run? Hopefully. It’ll be cool if Albany could get a Republican candidate who is also a Trump supporter that’ll be even better. We really need to make Albany great again ’cause that city is horrible. Albany has always been a liberal city. Time to turn it red again.

I don’t live in Albany but I don’t like Kathy Sheehan at all and to those that live in Albany who follow my blog, you should think about voting her out. That woman is another typical evil liberal. She’s like a local version of Hillary and Barack. I’m sure a Republican will get on the Mayor Race, we’ll just have to wait.

Sheehan’s gotta go.


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