Thinking of buying a drum machine and a small MIDI controller for bass lines…

Ya know, I’ve always wanted to be a one-man band when it comes to original songwriting. I’m working my way up to it. That’s what I got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface for ’cause this thing has MIDI connections on it. With this audio interface with MIDI connections, I’ll be able to hook up any kind of MIDI controllers with it and drum machines too.

I’ve always wanted to be a one-man band. Play all instruments myself. I’m not so great at piano/keyboards but I’m trying to learn and practice that too. I do have a piece of shit Casio keyboard that I use to practice with. I won’t use that keyboard for recording but learning & practicing only. I’m not so good at playing keyboards but I would like to be. I would like to focus on learning that all summer. I stopped practicing keyboard again admittedly but I’ll get back to it. I should get back into it tonight.

Playing bass lines on a keyboard shouldn’t be that hard. As long as you know theory, the scales, have a decent ear and things like that, you should be fine.  I do know a lot about music theory now so I should be good.

As for drums, I’ve been studying timing, rhythm and drum notation a lot ’cause I’m gonna have to get good at this stuff if I’m going to do a lot of DAW recording. I want to make a full band rock album someday and would like to do it all myself. Instead of programming drum tracks into a DAW, I think it would be easier to get a drum machine and I will. I’m sure there are plenty of drum machines out there with realistic sounding drums. I’m gonna get a drum machine.

I love studying timing and rhythm. You’re a true musician if you have a good sense of timing and I’m improving in that too. It also helps me become a way better rhythm guitarist too! I used to hate playing music along with a metronome but now I fucking LOVE IT. Playing along with a metronome is not all that hard at all.

I’ve always wanted to make full band rock songs and trying all I can to get there. It just takes time and patience I guess.

Hell for bass lines of my songs, I might even forget about using MIDI and just buy a real bass guitar. I even thought about that too. I’m sure I can find a nice bass guitar for $200 or less.

Being a one-man band would be a lot of fun. My own vision and my own ideas.


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