Social media & blogs are the new media, not the mainstream media…

The mainstream media thinks they know how we’re feeling in this country but they don’t know shit. If you want to know how America is really feeling, don’t rely on the MSM for that. Go to social media like twitter, facebook and blogs.

I am feeling that social media and right-wing blogs are gonna be the future of media. Thank god for the internet ’cause social media and blogs are an opportunity for us to rant about things going on in the country. Rant about our true feelings. That’s what Donald Trump uses twitter & facebook for, ya know? I know how everyone loves to make fun of Trump for using twitter and why they want him to stop using it but since the MSM wants to be dishonest all the time, Trump will be honest on his social media pages. That’s what we all use social media for. If the media won’t tell the truth then we will. That’s how it goes.

You want to know why that things like social media, blogs, podcasts are becoming more and more popular these days? It’s simply because people are getting tired of the Fake News MSM. We want to hear honest thoughts and honest opinions. Not one-sided liberal crap which people are getting tired of. So people go around looking for other things to follow… that’s why people like Milo is popular. That’s why people like Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson are well-known people on the internet. That’s why youtuber, Mark Dice is extremely popular on youtube. That’s why Tomi Lahren is extremely popular on the internet. It’s why we look after people like Ted Nugent and Dinesh D’ Souza. It’s why most everyone in America follows all those people ’cause we want “reality”. We want to hear people’s real thoughts and real feelings. We’re all fed up with Fake News MSM, we don’t listen to those people at all. We’re more interested in what the American people have to say which is a huge part of why Donald Trump won the election and became president.

I’m feeling that years from now, the Fake News MSM will be a thing of the past and social media will become the new media.

Political blogs are becoming big too. I know I write a lot about “right-wing” politics on my blog and for that reason alone, I got more than 500 subscribers and counting. Think about why more people are coming to my blog ’cause I do my best to tell “the truth” and that’s what the American people wants. We’re tired of MSM making up stuff about us and they’re trying to make us look bad ’cause we support Trump.

Because of social media and blogs like mine, I have seen some ex-liberals get red pilled and switched to the right which was amazing to see. If you want credible source, the MSM is not that. If you want to hear credible source, listen to real people like us. We’re the new media now.



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