Will I ever play live again in local music scene??? I don’t know…

Some of you may ask, why did I stop playing gigs in local music scene? Why don’t I play live much as I used to in the past? Well, I’ll tell you why…

First of all, lets be 100% honest, we don’t have much of a music scene to begin with anyways. In fact, we don’t have a music scene at all. Each time I talk about this, musicians around here would get offended at this and become defensive about it. A lot of musicians refuse to accept this truth ’cause they can’t take it. Venues come and go over the years. There aren’t many venues to play at around the Capital District anymore so I can’t blame bands & musicians for moving out of the area or doing tours across the states ’cause there aren’t places to play around the Capital District area. Admit it, right?

Another thing this music scene are way too liberal with their politics. That’s another reason I refuse to be a part of it, pretty much. The national music scene may have a liberal problem, the local music scene is no different. In fact, the local scene is worse with their liberal politics. There are too many Social Justice Warriors in the music scene for sure. Seeing that I’m a Trump supporter and “conservative”, I’m not sure if they’ll welcome me back anyways. haha…

There are also too many musicians around here who are pretty arrogant, a bit of a narcissist and really ego-driven. That hasn’t changed at all, I see.

Secondly, I took a lot of time off from playing live ’cause I’m just enjoying life and playing guitar. I’m not really into this to be a rock star, ya know? I’m a musician ’cause it’s what I do. Just want to play my guitar and write songs. I just sometimes play live shows just for the fun alone ’cause I enjoy playing live in front of an audience. Took a lot of time off from playing live to focus on other things like bodybuilding, fitness and now I just started yoga & boxing.

I don’t live in rock star fantasy world like many musicians are being into these days. I just try my best to stay humble and real. I don’t play live music shows for money or to show off my ego, I like playing live ’cause it’s a good feeling to share your songs for an audience and I’m willing to play for free.

If I were to play live again sometime in the future, I’ll probably hit some local open mics and maybe an occasional paying gig if it’s something right and something I can fit in. Before I start playing live again, though, I would need a new batch of original songs and some cover tunes. Then I might start playing out again, I’m not sure.

On top of that, I prefer to make music for the internet more. I like doing music for the internet. The internet is like a live audience anyways so sometime I plan on putting on a live performance at home through “live streaming”. Just got to write new songs and learn new covers for that. I’ll probably do something like that through “Facebook Live” or “Periscope” maybe. Not sure yet.

I do love performing live in a venue, though and will do it again when I feel the time is right.



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