Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym… so true…

I just discovered this useful little guide doing googling on how to get a full six pack. That is something I’m really working on and it’s going to be my focus this year. I just measured my bodyfat percentage with an Accu-Measure calliper and it turns out that I’m currently at 14% bodyfat which is pretty good. I always knew that my bodyfat was pretty low but could be a lot lower. I need to be lower in order to be considered “lean”. If I want to be really lean, I need to be around 10 – 12 % so I’m getting there really.

Last time I measured my bodyfat which was like several years ago, I was at 16% but after several years of eating mostly clean and doing a lot of working out, I’ve gotten lower. My nutrition isn’t all that perfect but I’m gonna improve it this summer, though.

Here’s a little guide on what it takes to get “six pack abs”:

It’s so true. Only way to lose bodyfat is to eat right most of the time. Avoiding fatty foods, processed foods and sugars is pretty much key.

I’ve always eaten mostly clean but from this day on, I’m going to get even more strict on my nutrition. I’m planning to avoid most dairy products (yes, I’m planning on giving up ice cream) except for low fat cottage cheese ’cause that’s actually good for fitness. I’m also going to eat more high proteins and more fruits & vegetables too. For high protein meats, it’s mostly gonna be chicken breasts and fish. For sandwiches, it’s gonna be turkey with low sodium and mustard instead of mayo.

If I’m going to get into yoga, boxing, karate and all that stuff, I gotta get into a really strict nutrition. A strict nutrition is really good for yoga and needed ’cause I could probably get a flexible body a lot quicker the more I eat good.

I’ve been doing those classes at the Y in Greenwich so I’ve already been doing a lot of cardio. Since they got rid of boxing, I’m thinking about trying their HIIT classes too (High Intensity interval training).

I don’t really need to do too many ab exercises like crunches and all that stuff ’cause yoga will work out the abs pretty good anyways. Yoga will workout your entire core pretty much ’cause in yoga you do a lot of planks and stuff.

Yep, my goal is to have a really lean body. It’s amazing how a lot of people in fitness/bodybuilding are misinformed on getting visible abs. A lot of people want it but they do it wrong most of the time. While working out a lot of guys would drink a lot of alcohol and they’re trying to get abs, now that’s messed up. Many of them don’t eat clean much either. I’ll admit that I have some unhealthy cravings at times but it’s gonna stop today. Like the guide says, you want visible abs, gotta get rid of the bodyfat that’s covering it. It’s a lot of work but worth it.

Also a lot of men and women want visible abs just to be beach ready for the summer but not me. I wanna get a full visible six pack and keep it all-year round. I’m proud of what I have now but could be a lot better.

It’s crazy how a lot of people don’t wanna eat clean. Healthy eating is not that bad and it will be worth it. I gotta get back into a mostly strict nutrition ’cause of yoga and it’s gonna start today.



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