Daniel Day-Lewis quits acting in Hollywood all of a sudden… Wow. Now that’s a brave and courageous move!!!!

I don’t have too many favorite actors in Hollywood ’cause honestly, most Hollywood actors suck but there are some actors with real talent and Daniel Day-Lewis is one of them. Daniel Day-Lewis is one of those actors that when you watch one of his movies, it makes you want to watch it. His incredible acting draws you in to watching the movie. When you watch one of his movies, you can’t help but watch it from start to finish ’cause his acting talent is that addicting to watch. No doubt he is a phenomenal talent.

While he was in a lot of good movies, I thought his three best roles were “The Last of the Mohicans”, “Gangs of New York” and “There Will Be Blood”. Those three movies are amazing and I believe I have all three of them in my movie collection. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” was really good too, though.

No reason was given for Daniel’s sudden retirement but maybe he’s been turned off of Hollywood lately? It has gone downhill a lot. Was it liberal politics in Hollywood that made him quit? Who knows! We don’t know what Daniel’s political views are ’cause he’s one of the few who kept politics out of his career.

He does have one more movie coming out this year and it’s called “Phantom Thread” by Paul Thomas Anderson which comes out on Christmas Day.

Shocker! Daniel Day-Lewis Quits Acting (EXCLUSIVE)

Maybe the reason he wants to quit, is ’cause maybe he finally grew tired of acting and wants to move on from it finally? Have more time for himself. Spend time with his family and things like that.

I do have some favorite actors in Hollywood… Daniel Day-Lewis is one of them. Other actors I like are Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Anthony Hopkins, Christian Bale,  Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood and Kurt Russell.

Thanks for all the movies, though Daniel if you’re serious on calling it quits.



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