Darwin Martinez Torres is an illegal alien, the one who beat up young Muslim girl to death…

Interesting how the media responds to these things… liberals and the media stands up for illegal aliens. They have such a hard on for illegals and when they do bad things to Muslims, they can’t figure a way to respond to it. Liberals and the media are also a big advocate for Muslims too.

It turns out that the 22 year old who beat the Muslim girl to death was an illegal alien but these two articles refused to say what he really is:



These two articles here had the guts to tell it like it is and had the balls to say “illegal immigrant”:



This is a huge part of why liberals and Democrats can’t see how dangerous illegal aliens can be ’cause the media refuses to say what they really are. When illegal aliens kill people of other races and religions, they’ll be realistic about it; however, they would say things like “he’s in the country illegally”. When a moderate Muslim becomes a victim of an illegal alien, they won’t say what he really is at all. Yeah, illegal aliens are such sweethearts and wonderful people (sarcasm). The media knows that illegals are dangerous animals, they just won’t say it.

It bothers me how most of the media refuses to say “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien”. They just do it out of fear of losing their jobs. Media afraid of backlash and losing money, that’s why they refuse to say it.

We really need to build the wall pretty badly.


2 thoughts on “Darwin Martinez Torres is an illegal alien, the one who beat up young Muslim girl to death…”

  1. Probably illegals for sure. Illegals are animals… just like Trump said at his campaign announcement two years ago, they are rapists, murderers and drug dealers. Even if illegals aren’t dangerous, they don’t deserve to be here. America never enforced the law on illegal immigrants and Trump wants to finally enforce it.

    As far as Muslims go, there are good Muslims out there which are called “moderate” Muslims… it’s “radical Islam” we all hate. Contrary to beliefs, we don’t hate Islam as a whole.

    Since you asked me a question like that and trying to stump me with a hard question which you failed miserably at, so do you admit that illegals and some Muslims can be dangerous? Answer that one if you got the guts.


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