Why Yoga is amazing, I think I’ve become a bit of a yoga fanatic and that’s okay…

Now there is no boxing class at the Y anymore, I think I’m definitely gonna go back into bodybuilding full time again. I’m gonna go back to the gym tomorrow to do legs, I think. I’m going to start doing bodybuilding 3 times a week with yoga session being my 4th time going to the gym a week.

Some make the mistake in thinking that doing bodybuilding and yoga at the same time is way too much but not really. Yoga is actually very good for bodybuilding and lifting weights. You need the flexibility so you can lift weights in good form and yoga will give you more strength to help you lift heavier too. Yoga’s very good for bodybuilding and needed.

Check out this interesting article:


A lot of guys don’t do yoga ’cause they think it’s a woman’s workout when it’s not really. A lot of guys are just too scared to do yoga but I’m not, though. I’m enjoying yoga a lot and have been going to yoga session every week.

I go to yoga every week ’cause I need the flexibility pretty badly. I also got into it for more strength. It’s also good meditation and makes you feel better too. You know what another amazing thing yoga does? If you have back pain or any kind of body pain, yoga will help get rid of it for you so it’ll save you a trip to a doctor. Yoga does so many things. I can see why yoga has gotten so mainstream.

When I lift weights, doing yoga after a while seems to have improved my weightlifting a bit. Yoga can do very good things for ya in the weight room for sure so I wish a lot of guys wouldn’t neglect yoga.

Yoga is most popular with women ’cause it’s easier for them. Each time I go to yoga class, it’s mostly women as students. There’s only like a few other guys that go every week. I’m sure it’s this way in every gym in America.

Yoga’s an awesome feeling. You want to have a sexy body with visible abs and all, yoga will pretty much do that. I’ve been doing yoga for at least several months now already, I believe. Feeling really good.

Yoga not only does a lot of great things for your body, It does things for you emotionally too. Makes you feel happier, more confident, helps make you love yourself and all that stuff. Are you depressed and stressed out? Don’t go to a shrink, go to yoga sessions at your local gyms or at any places in your town that teaches yoga. You’ll feel like a whole new person doing yoga, trust me. It’s a life changer for sure.

I’m gonna get back to weightlifting full time this week now there’s no more boxing class which kind of sucks but at least I learned some fighting basics.





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