Today was a good day, just hung out in downtown Saratoga Springs…

Well today, I just hung out in a small town called Saratoga Springs, N.Y. which is a cool little town in my area. Hung out in that town all day to shop around ’cause this town has some cool stores. I had to go to Saratoga ’cause I needed a few guitar things from the guitar shop. I had to get a pack of guitar strings for both electric & acoustic. I also picked up a new guitar strap for my Mitchell electric guitar. Then I went to Northshire Bookstore and picked up a couple of books I need for my writing skills ’cause I’ve been looking to sharpen my grammar skills so I picked up a Grammar book and a Rhyming dictionary for writing lyrics/poems.

Later on, I hung out at the Saratoga Public Library most of the afternoon. Got myself a new Saratoga library card and borrowed a couple of books from them. I borrowed Joe Hill’s “The Fireman” (I’m a big Joe HIll fan) and a couple of books that teaches you how to write horror stories.

The reason I’m looking to sharpen my grammar skills is ’cause I’m thinking about getting back into fictional story writing. Ya know, write short stories and even full novels. I really should get back into it. I love to write ’cause it’s one of my favorite things to do.

That’s why I blog on the internet ’cause I just love to write and blogging it’s just a nice excuse to keep writing. You’ve probably noticed that my writing skills have improved a little bit ’cause I have been studying grammar a lot. Just want to improve my writing skills. Even though I’m thinking about getting back into fictional writing, I will always write song lyrics and will try to write more poems too. Reading and writing is just one of my favorite hobbies, always has been ever since I was a kid.

Also, an interesting thing happened earlier today while I was in Saratoga town. I wore my Trump MAGA t-shirt all day. I was walking the streets of Saratoga on Broadway, thinking that some angry liberal was going to confront me for wearing the shirt but thankfully no one did. Instead, I got positive responses wearing the shirt. I’ve had three different people look at me and said, “I love that shirt!”. So that means they were probably a huge Trump fan.

There was a bunch of young 20 something girls walking by me and one of them said to me, “I love your shirt”. I just looked at her, smiled and said, “Thank you”.

I love running into other fellow Trump supporters. It’s a good feeling. It was a good day today. I just had to get out of the house and do something.



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